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The Epistles to the Corinthians

An Introduction to Corinthians | Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shawn Weir

Other camp teachings for The Epistles to the Corinthians

# Date Title Teacher
18/13/17 An Introduction to Corinthians Shawn Weir
28/14/17 Preaching Christ Crucified - The Power and Wisdom of God Jim Drinks III
38/14/17 Strife and Division vs. One Lord and One Body Daniel Hyder
48/14/17 Reproof, Repentance, and Forgiveness Peter Blake
58/15/17 Spiritual Matters Shawn Weir
68/15/17 The [Right Kind of] Love, The More Excellent Way Jim Drinks III
78/15/17 A Message from God Sam Pittenger
88/16/17 Our Relationship with the World Jim Nichols
98/16/17 The Results of Carnal Thinking are Resolved Ray Myers
108/16/17 Communion Jim Nichols
118/17/17 Giving and Receiving Colleen Seace
128/17/17 The Super Apostles and the True Servants Daniel Hyder
138/17/17 New Creations: Things not Seen Sam Pittenger
148/18/17 Grace in Christ Jesus Peter Blake

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