PA Bible Teaching Fellowship

Each month, one of our pastors sends an encouraging, pastoral and personal letter to the members of PA Bible specifically regarding the heart of fellowship and collective worship of God and the Lord Jesus Christ at our local gatherings at 700 Market Street in Lemoyne, PA and small group fellowships. Below you can find past letters for your mutual edification.

Mar 2024: Loving the Lost

Feb 2024: Loving through Disagreement

Jan 2024: Loving Difficult People

Dec 2023: Gospel Friendship

Nov 2023: Gospel Family

Oct 2023: Gospel Fellowship

Jul 2023: Belonging

May 2023: United by the Gospel

Apr 2023: Children in the Assembly

Mar 2023: Assembling Under the Word

Feb 2023: Assembled Prayer

Jan 2023: Assembled Worship

Dec 2022: Welcoming the Stranger

Nov 2022: Hospitality