PA Bible Teaching Fellowship
Reading Plan - Week of Feb 4, 2024

Reflection Hymn

Vanity of vanities/Brevity of life

“Vanity of Vanities, all is vanity,” cries the preacher of Ecclesiastes. Our life is a vapor, like the flower of the field that is there one moment but then quickly withers away so that no one can remember its place. The wicked pursuits of this age and the weakness of our flesh produce nothing but destruction, regardless of our efforts or temporary prosperity. Exploring the Biblical wisdom of our fragile frame can turn us in reverence toward the mercy God shows us and sets the stage for his eternal plan to bring us out of the grave and into his everlasting glory by his grace in Christ Jesus.

Reflection questions:
- When I consider the brevity of life, do I feel bitterness against God or a desire to pursue his wisdom while I have breath? How can I foster more adoration for Him as I consider the vanity of life?
- In what ways does God instruct us to live for him if the wicked seem to prosper while the righteous are afflicted? How does this give us strength and confidence in God’s goodness even when the wickedness of the world around us is pervasive?

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