PA Bible Teaching Fellowship


All who want to believe the truth of God’s Word are welcome.


An opportunity to gather together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; learn the Scriptures, manifest holy spirit, sing, and fellowship with one another.


The assembled church is a place to be edified, encouraged, comforted, taught and loved; to minister and be ministered to. A place for every person to enjoy the fellowship of the gospel.

How We Meet:

The schedule for our weekly fellowships can be found here and the calendar for our upcoming events can be found here.

Bible Fellowships

These are local weekly gatherings to hear the Word of God. At some of our weekly fellowships there is also a Children’s Fellowship available.

Area Fellowships

These are for our local fellowships to assemble together. The Word of God is taught, we often eat together and there is a Children’s Fellowship available.

Days/Weekends in God's Word

An extended time of teaching regarding a specific topic in God’s Word.


An extended weekend event in God’s Word for all teens through thirty-somethings. Childcare is available during every teaching.

Youth Camp

A week in God’s Word for all children 5 years and older.

Family Camp

A week in God’s Word for all ages in the Family of God.

…the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

1st Timothy 3:15b